Holding the Rope

Bob and Nancy Calvert (with Curt and DeDe) at Lake Victoria/Entebbe, Uganda.
Bob and Nancy Calvert (with Curt and DeDe) at Lake Victoria/Entebbe, Uganda.  Bob’s father died over the weekend.

A word from Curt


What a fine word.

Everyone needs it.

Everyone can do it.

As you hold the rope for us in prayer, please add these needs.  Please share them with your family, church, and friends.

New prayer addition:  our friend, co-worker, and team leader in Africa,  Bob Calvert, lost his father this weekend. Bob and his wife Nancy returned to Arkansas to care for Bob’s parents.  Pray for peace for this choice couple and their entire family.

  1. I’ll be at Dry Creek’s Boys Camp this week (June 27-30) as Camp Pastor/Missionary.  Over three hundred boys and men will be in attendance. Pray for clarity and focus as I share. Pray for tender hearts and open ears.
  2. Friday (July 1) I finish teaching the book, Living Forward by Michael Hyatt at Ugly Mug Web Design.
  3. I’ll be at my chaplain job at Roy O. Martin’s two mills on Friday and Saturday.
  4. We (graphic designer Anthony Mugisha and editor Robin Iles)are putting the finishing touches on our African book, Trampled Grass.  It will be in print later in the summer.  Pray for it to bring glory to God and find its way into the right hands and hearts.
Final cover of Trampled Grass.
Final cover of Trampled Grass.

5. I’ve cleared my July calendar for the delta (4th draft) of our upcoming novel, As the Crow Flies.   Pray that I’ll be a good steward of my time and energy.

Keep praying. It’s not the only thing you can do, but it’s the most important.

Mock Cover 2 "Bold"

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