Holding the Rope: Pray for a hunger and thirst to learn more





The Life Long Learning journey is the road I want to be on.

I call it LLL.

Will you pray that DeDe and I will hunger and thirst for learning more?

More about God.

More above living life.

More about how to serve.




LLL: Life Long Learning. It's an ongoing quest.
LLL: Life Long Learning. It’s an ongoing quest.

This is part of my current reading list.

Soul Keeping.  I’m interested in any book about soul care and soul keeping.  It’s the subject of paying attention to the most important of a man or woman:  our soul.

Lights Out is a new book by longtime Night Line reporter Ted Koppel.  It’s about the dangers of cyberterrorism, especially to our national electric grid.  Scary!

I start my day with time in the Bible.  These are some of the versions I use to dig deeper.  Right now, I’m mining in Philemon, Ruth, and Philemon.

Paul Theroux is one of the best travel writers. He has written, Deep South, about a series of trips through the southern US.  He compares parts of our South to areas of Africa.  Neat read.

Les Miserables is one of my favorite novels. I return to it year after year. I’m weaving it into my new novel, As the Crow Flies.

Bird by Bird is a book on writing and life by Anne Lamotte.

I’ve just finished Fortunate Son, the autobiography of John Fogerty, leader of Creedence Clearwater Revival.  It’s a bittersweet account of one of America’s favorite yet dysfunctional bands.

What have you read that you’d recommend?

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