Homesick Day


Entebbe (Uganda) Sunset
Entebbe (Uganda) Sunset


The sun sets on another Saturday
Over Lake Victoria and Entebbe.
It’s amazing how quickly the equatorial darkness falls.
Dusk one moment.
Nightfall the next.

Smoke from charcoal fires linger in the late rainy season air.
Laughing Ugandan children pass by
Outside our razor wire compound wall.
The haunting Muslim prayer call echoes from
The loudspeakers at the mosque next door.
Its sad lament reminds me that I’m a long way from home.

Saturdays always are my ‘Homesick day.’
There’s nothing wrong with a little longing for home.
It doesn’t mean I want to leave.
It simply means I miss the things of my former life.

Football (The American kind)
Foreman’s Boudin

Quiet walks under the Louisiana nighttime sky.
Sitting on the porch at The Old House.
A morning cup of coffee with my mom
Looking out her window at the pines.

It’s Homesick Day for a Louisiana wanderer.
A vagabond with a lifetime under the longleaf pines
Now living among the palm and banana trees of Africa.

What’s the most homesick you’ve ever been?

I’m interested in hearing from readers on this.

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