Last day of November: Underdogs and Vulnerable

Greetings from Ft. Worth.  Charlie Bailey and I are scouting for a Spring Break 2011 church mission trip.

This is the Proverbs verse(s) that is on my mind today:

“Open your mouth for the mute,

For the rights of all the unfortunate.”  Proverbs 31:8

Proverbs 31 are sayings of King Lemuel and where taught to him by his mother (verse 1).

Verse 8 is a reminder to look out for the underdog.  Those who are less unfortunate than us.

In Forth Worth, we’re partnering with World Relief, a Christian organization that helps refugees settle in America.  Yesterday we were at Ladera Palms, a huge apartment complex that includes over 500 refugee families.  They  are from across a spectrum: Somalia, India, Ethiopia, Congo, and Burma/Myanmar.

World relief’s mission is to look after the vulnerable.  That’s a word I have trouble pronouncing.  Those who need our help.  The underdog.

We met an American couple strategicially living in the complex to minister to the Burmese.

Today we’ll learn more, visit homeless shelters, meet native pastors, and then head back to Dry Creek.

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