Life Planning: Thoughts on a Growing Marriage

My wallet-worn marriage card.
My wallet-worn marriage card.

For years, I’ve given newlyweds our “Signposts on the Road to a Happy Marriage.”

It’s simply a collection of short sayings that keep a marriage going.  Along with the Signposts Card, I give

a $2 Bill as a reminder that in God’s eyes, “Two become One.”

What U.S. historic site gives change in $2 bills?
What U.S. historic site gives change in $2 bills?

During this first week of the new year, I’m working on my Life Plan.  Having a healthy marriage and relationship with DeDe is a top priority with me.  It’s hard to believe that we’re entering our 35th year of marriage.

A year in Africa has seasoned our marriage even more.  We have to depend on each other to make it. Additonally, we spend a better part of each day together. We jokingly say, “As much time as you spend together on the mission field, it’d be tough if you didn’t like each other.

Enjoy the Marriage card.  Feel free to copy, share, and make your own card.


Thoughts on Marriage

Signposts along the road of a happy marriage-  2 shall become 1

Say “I love you” everyday*keep dating*write love notes and cards*hold hands forever*Live a life of forgiveness: build a bridge and get over it*walk and talk together*use a sense of humor*go on trips together*pray together*say “thank you” often*love and accept your spouse’s family (but don’t take their money)*split up the child rearing*love Jesus with all of your heart (Matt. 6:33)*be kind*be trustworthy*be faithful*laugh often (esp. at yourselves!)*get angry and get over it*be the first to say “I was wrong”*lean on each other in the tough times (they will pass)*expect the best from each other*treat your spouse with the same dignity you would extend to a stranger*help each other with the chores*   Finally, make your own list and pass it on.

God’s best to you and your marriage!     Curt loves DeDe   8/9/79

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