New Edition of Stories from the Creekbank!

It’s amazing that our first book, Stories from the Creekbank (2000) is still in print and being enjoyed by a new generation of readers.

To celebrate this, we’ve released a new edition.  It features a new cover, five new stories, plus the original chapters.

Our first book, Stories from the Creekbank, is now available in a new edition.

You can order your copy of Stories from the Creekbank at:

Amazon  Paperback or Kindle   Order here.   You can order the paperback or Kindle ebook edition.


Order Autographed Copies from the Creekbank

Order form for Stories from the Creekbank (2017 Edition)

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Here are links to the two most requested stories in Stories from the Creekbank:


Read  “The Evening Holler.”

Listen to the author (me) read “The Evening Holler.”


Read “Bro. Hodges’ Best Sermon.”

Listen to Podcast of “Brother Hodges’ Best Sermon” read by the author.





Update on As the Crow Flies

Early draft cover of As the Crow Flies

Pre-ordering begins on May 1

Delivery set for Labor Day 2017

In this Friday’s StoryLetter, we’ll ask for your help on “building” the 1881 Moore and Hatch Store in Westport, La. It is the setting of As the Crow Flies and you’ll have a chance to sketch the outside, lay out the floor plan, and stock the shelves and walls circa 1881. It’ll be fun!

Sketch of Hatch and Moore Store, scene of the 1881 Westport Fight. (The Cherry Winche Country by Don Marler and Jane McManus).


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