NIMBY: Not In My Backyard

Site of future well in Boratuku Camp. Pray for water!
Site of future well in Boratuku Camp. Pray for water!

Prayer Points

  • Drilling project at Ulua 2 (Uganda) Camp and Bible Storying there.  Pray for successful drilling.
  • The Dinka had been praying for water. Pray that they will realize God answered and give all glory to Him.
  • Pray for Pastors Paul and James at Boratuku Camp.
  • Pastors Joseph and David at Nyumazi 1 Camp.  Pray for Dinka Bibles to be placed in the right hands and hearts.
  • South Sudan Baptist leader Edward Dima and his wife Rose.
  • Pastor Savior and Alere Baptist Church.  Pray for Adeit’s recovery from surgery.
  • Our leader Bob Calvert and opportunities to teach/disciple church leaders in the Camps
Can you identify this tree?
Can you identify this tree?

Adjumani Status Report

After two days in Adjumani, we’d like to update you on how God is working. This report is exciting, but I’ll temper it with the fact that nothing gets done easily, especially in northern Uganda (and with Dinka).

We spent yesterday with the surveying crew for selecting borehole sites at Boratuku. This location has the fierce reputation for difficulty in locating water. Don’t worry, every drunk in camp came to give advice, encouragement, and direction.

The best location for a well was on the plot of a Dinka who refused to cede his land for the borehole. No matter of threatening or pleading from the camp leaders could dissuade him. He left for South Sudan with a final “No.” It was the classic “NIMBY” syndrome. *

The next positive location was in the yard of a Dinka Battleax. She defiantly argued that she didn’t want to lose “her shade.” Negotiations eventually were fruitful and a borehole will (hopefully) go beside her shade tree.

*NIMBY is “Not in My Backyard”

Site of future "Momma Shade" well
Site of future “Momma Shade” well

Enough of all that. Here are snippet reports:

1.Borehole drilling will commence Thursday am at Ulua 2 Camp. 2 wells will be drilled. Openzi Baptist Church (Pastor Joseph and church planter Isaac) has met for three Sundays at “Ulua 2 Baptist Church.” We believe the wells and subsequent jerry can distribution will pack a Gospel punch for the 3000 refugees at Ulua 2.

Praying: The Dinka had been praying for water. Pray that they will realize God answered and give all glory to Him.


  1. Boratuku currently has 7000 refugees in about 1000 family units. Boratuku Baptist Church, (jointly led by Pastor Paul of Grace Baptist and Pastor James who is a Dinka refugee) is building a strong ministry there. Pastor Paul is a mature leader who also is the area’s LC1. He has built a great rapport with the camp leaders.


Praying: Pray for God to stir the hearts of those in Boratuku.    Pray that borehole drilling will be successful and bring folks to the Real Living Water.


  1. We visited Nyumazi 1 Camp (22,000) to check on Baptist pastors Joseph Makuma and David Dok. They are from FBC of KK. (I like the sound of that). An impromptu meeting broke out among us (Joseph and Julius) and Joseph and David with fifteen camp pastors.

Prayer: Many of the pastors professed to having lost their Bibles in the Jonglei fighting. They tearfully told of the shame of being a pastor without scripture. Through a miraculous conversation yesterday, 50 Dinka Bibles are on their way here. Our Baptist pastors will distribute the Word to these leaders as well as in the other camps where our work is growing.

Pray that God’s word will be loved, studied, and preached. Isaiah 55 speaks of it never returning void. Claim that!

  1. Edward Dima and his wife are in Adjumani today. We are getting them together with the local pastors this afternoon. Another chance for cross-pollination.

Pray: for connections between our South Sudanese and Ugandan pastors.


  1. There is great excitement here about the upcoming release of the first Arringa Bible in June.

Pray: that God’s Word will fill the hearts of the Arringa and they will have dreams and visions of whom our Jesus really is.


  1. Alere Baptist Church (Pastor Savior is a UBS student) is doing a good work in Alere Camp. He has a young congregation of Dinka, Nuer, Madi, and Kuku. A mother (Rebecca) they have led to the Lord is now at CorSu Hospital near Entebbe. Her daughter, Adeit, had clubfoot corrective surgery this am. Pray for God to get great glory from this situation.

Pray for Rebecca, Adeit, and Margaret a church member who accompanied them.


Pray for the opportunities of Bob Calvert training among the growing Baptist churches in and near the Camps. Folks here are hungry for discipleship and training.


Please share these prayer requests with your networks.

Prayer is like oxygen. We must have it.

Pray often!

Pray fervently!


  1. Thanks, Curt, for sharing your heart! God is using you!!

  2. Colleen Glaser

    So excited about seeing much of this in person in 3 weeks!

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