Post #1100 Wow!

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Last week’s posts put us over 1100 posts for the past dozen years or so.

Just one more example of the simple perseverance of  writing daily.

All of those stories, whether touching or forgetful, have come from my heart.

From my heart to yours.

Thanks for being on this journey.

You can glean from these thousand plus posts by category or title.

This coming month (November) is NaNoWriMo.

That’s National Novel Writing Month.

You’re welcome to join us on The Creekbank blog as well as social media at curtiles.


The Dogtrot Porch at The Old House, Dry Creek, LA.
Creekbank Stories is about the values and history that make rural Louisiana a special place.











  1. Curt, I enjoy all your stories and personal accounts. God has certainly endowed you with “a way with words.” So often your words are just what I need as I still struggle without Gary.

    I am so very thankful that your health is improving and I pray this will continue. God has truly blessed you and He blesses others through your writings. While God has brought you back from the mission field in Africa, He has a great mission field for you and your family here again. May He lead you as you move ahead in serving Him. Thank you for being His servant!

    • Claire, thanks for your kind words. I treasure the time you and Gary spent at Dry Creek. I was there last week and some of the signs you helped us with are still looking good.

      God bless you.


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