Praying to the Lord of the Harvest

Open Hands can touch the World. Photo by Lydia Gothrup

Join us in praying for a great bean crop in Sake Village, Democratic Congo Africa. We just wired money to buy bean seeds for the entire village of Sake.  Here is our prayer:

Lord, I ask that you’ll bless every bean planted in the soil at Sake village.  I ask that a bumper crop will make the name of Jesus famous far and wide in this area of eastern Congo.

We pray that the harvest of beans will open hearts for a harvest of souls.  We pray believing in the name of Jesus. Amen.’

The residents have just returned after being chased away by rebel forces two years ago.  After living in refugee conditions near Goma, they came home to find nothing left—crops, homes, or furnishings.

You can view a touching story and photo gallery on this village at

We met in the dirt-floored church and were showered with love and hospitality.  Congolese worship is so full of joy and emotion and knowing what these folks had been through added to the sense of worship.

As we left, they requested one thing from “The Americans:”  Would we be willing to supply bean seeds for their entire village?  We inquired and found the price would be $700, a figure we didn’t have on hand, but promised to pursue it upon our return home.

Landie Maddox at Sake Village.

Tomorrow, I’m wiring $700 to Pastor Habimana Athanase (who works with IMB missionary Rusty Pugh) to be shared by the Sake Baptist Church among the entire village for planting a bean crop.  Where did the money come from?  Last week I was camp missionary for GA Girls Camp at Dry Creek.  The girls gave this and more to “plant beans in Sake.” Girls gave up snacks and souvenirs to help on this project.

Another one of our team members, Pastor Lonnie Gothrup  (Lonnie, along with Mike Murray, accompanied their daughters on the trip.)  shared this scripture on our trip,

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.          –Jesus in John 15:16

We were able to “plant seeds” for lasting fruit in the lives of the wonderful people of Eastern Congo. We could not have gone without your help and support.

Thanks to all who prayed, gave, and supported this trip.

Curt Iles

Let the light of Jesus shine in all places.

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