Saturday Shots: 5 Photos to make you smile.

It’s Saturday.

You’re beginning your day (if you’re in America).

We’re eight hours ahead and watching the African sun sinking lower.

It’s a good time to look back over the recent week(s) and share photos.


Ververt Monkey. He may look cute but he’s a four-legged thief.


UN trucks on their way to the South Sudan war zone.  Taken on the Kampala-Juba road in northern Uganda.  These are the first Ford trucks I’ve seen with UN logos.  Normally, they use Toyota Land Cruisers and Hilux trucks.

IMG_1926Dinka boy uses an improvised tree hole to ground grain.  Ulua 2 Refugee Camp   Adjumani, Uganda


From my current journal #76.

School Boy  Masaka School Uganda
School Boy Masaka School Uganda


The inquisitive boy reminded me of the great quote by Louis Pasteur:

“When I encounter a child, I feel two strong emotions.

 One is affection for who he is.

The other is respect for whom he may become.








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  1. Jeanie Tidwell

    Love the photos! Love Africa! Thanks for being there!

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