From Small Starts Come Large Trees

It’s true.  Many things that seem insignificant can become momentous.

Yes, from small starts come large trees.

From small starts grow large trees. Enjoy this one-minute video about the wonder of trees.


Kickstarter Update

Speaking of small starts: We started our Kickstarter campaign on May 1. We’ve nearly done it. In twelve days, you’ve backed As the Crow Flies with over $ 3500 and counting.

This has allowed us to nearly reach our initial goal of $4000.

Your backing will be used to pay the final costs that go into printing an independent book such as cover design, professional editing, text formatting, and initial print run.  What is Kickstarter? 

Thank you. Together, we’ve (nearly) done it.

You can proudly say that you’re a part and partner in producing this book.

As the Crow Flies is a great story told in an unforgettable voice by a character named Missouri Cotton. You’ll travel back to 1881 and the pioneer frontier called No Man’s Land. You’ll help us answer Missouri’s life question: can a man (or woman) change and get a new start in a new land?

Additionally, your book will look professional. Your backing has allowed us to hire top-notch graphic designers and editors.

We’ve had some really generous backers, but the backbone (pun intended) of getting As the Crow Flies in print are readers and friends who’ve paid $15 to pre-order their copy of the book. For this backing level, you’ll get a personally autographed copy as well as the ebook.

This is from our Kickstarter backer page. It simply allows readers to pre-order their books or sign up for other perks.


Stretch Goals

Here is the part I’m most excited about: our Stretch Goals once we pass $4000.  This will allow us to create additions and perks for As the Crow Flies. Here are the stretch goal amounts for these added projects through May 25. 

  • (+500) Total of $4500   Produce a Braille edition through   We’re really excited about the opportunity to produce As the Crow Flies for the visually impaired. We’ll give publishing rights to Bookshare and they will distribute the book as they see fit.


Reading Braille: In Chad, Africa, we became friends with a blind tribal leader who had come to Christ through reading a Braille Bible. This lit a fire in my heart for this project! He’s reading Acts 1:8 to us.


  • (+1000) Total of $5500 Large Print Edition available of As the Crow Flies. This is a common request of our older readers.


  • (+$3500) $9000   Audible Audiobook. If we reach this level, we’ll produce a professional audiobook of As the Crow Flies that will be available on Audible.**

We’ll work with Amazon’s audio book company, ACX. We’ll hire a professional female narrator with a Southern lilt (due to the book being told first person by Missouri Cotton).

** Men “read” more books on audio than paper. Influencers (Executives, Pastors, Leaders) prefer audiobooks. Millenials (born in early 80s to early 2000’s) use Audible in large numbers.

Comparison: There are 12 million books available on Amazon Kindle (ebooks) while there are “only” 100,000 audiobooks available. This is our opportunity to meet a new and diversified audience if we reach this funding goal.


 Print a companion children’s book to go along with As the Crow Flies. You can learn more about this title, My Grandpas’ Boots, at  This is similar to what we did with A Spent Bullet and its companion illustrated book, Uncle Sam: A Horse’s Tale.

Go to our As the Crow Flies Kickstarter page. 


  • Wow! If by a miracle we go over this total, we’ve got another project or two up our sleeve.









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