A Story Worth Telling: Louisiana Rain

A Word from Curt

Curt Leaning Against Fireplace at Old House
    Curt at The Old House. Dry Creek, Louisiana

A daily goal:

  1. Stay Curious
  2.  Be Amazed.
  3. Tell Good Stories.

Louisiana Rain

“Rain, rain, Louisiana is your name.”


While making my rounds at the mill, an employee named Harley* enthusiastically stopped me. “Chaplain, do you remember praying with me to get a car?”

Before I could reply, he continued, “My wife and I were riding a motorcycle to work. It was great until it rained, and you know it rains a lot in Louisiana. I asked you to pray with me for a car. A month later, we were riding my bike home from work in a Louisiana thunderstorm. We were soaked and stopped under a convenience store awning to dry off.

A man approached us. ‘Are y’all riding to work on that motorcycle?’

I told him we were saving money for a car. He took me to his house and gave us a good car for an unbelievable low price.”

Harley smiled. “God answered that prayer.”

“You don’t think it was just coincidence?” I asked.

“No way. God took care of that.”

Once again, I stood amazed at a great God who created the universe but still has time to provide a seemingly small but important need in the life of a child of God.


*named changed.


My mission field now includes Roy O Martin's two mills and forestry crews.
My mission field now includes Roy O Martin’s two mills and forestry crews.

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