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Sun. August 1

“Simplicity, carried to the extreme, is elegance.”   -Jon Franklin.

Lord, teach me to be a simple man. Amen

Landmark Longleaf Pine. Dry Creek-Longville Rd. One of my 5 favorite trees. Where/what are your favorite trees?

Today, August 1, is always a special/bittersweet day.

My father, Clayton Iles, would be 76 today.  I listened to a song on my iPod last night and thought, “Daddy, would have liked that version. I wish I could play it for him.”  (The song was “Oh, Come Angel Band/ AKA My Latest Sun is Sinking Fast.”  The version was by the Wood Brothers.)

Today is also the 20th anniversary of the death of my maternal grandmother, Leona Plott.  I’ll always be thankful for the years and influence of all four of my grandparents.

I smile as I think of Daddy and Grandma Sid.

I’m thankfully sad.  I’m happily grateful.

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I write to have influence and impact through well-told stories of my Louisiana and African sojourn.

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