Sun. Sept. 18

Water Running

I lean on my congas during Sunday morning choir practice.

Behind me I hear a sound sweeter than the music

Water is running.

The baptistry is filling.

Someone—actually three “someones”—are being baptized today.

Three young people who’ve made a decision.

A decision to follow Jesus and show it publicly.

My guitar partner, Vance Gill, whispers,  “Baptizing today.”

And I recall the wonderful day when he and I were baptized together.

I felt as if we were wading into the Jordan

Following Jesus into the cold water.

Our way of showing where our heart was

And where we planned for our hearts to stay.

I often tell others,  “It wasn’t about my salvation.

It was all about my obedience.”

Obedience to Jesus and his call on my life.

Yep, water is running today at Dry Creek Baptist Church.

It’s a good day.

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