The covers of my new novel, A Good Place

The covers of A Good Place

We selected a painting by my uncle Bill Iles for the front cover of my new novel. This oil painting entitled, “Upper Field Pines” proudly hangs in our living room.

I love it because it pictures an image of the woods that I love so dearly.  My mother always said we “lived in the sticks.”  I prefer to say I’m from piney woods Louisiana.  Regardless of how it’s described,  our woods are such a part of our history, culture, and life.

Front cover of A Good Place  ISBN 9780970523693
Front cover of A Good Place ISBN 9780970523693

The cover design was done by Chad Smith of The Touch Studios in Moss Bluff.

The back cover is shown below.

To read a sample chapter, visit

Ordering information is at

BACK COVER  AGP  Final  9 5 09

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