Thoughts on a rich and privileged life.

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It is a privilege.

It’s become one of my favorite words.


After three (wonderful) years in the Third World, I’ve come to realize how privileged we are as Americans.

Today’s post is about a great privilege I’ve had.

The privilege of marrying into a family.

In 1979, I married into the Terry Family of northern Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

I got a precious wife, DeDe and also became part of a unique family: the Terry/McGuffee family of Harrisonburg.

It is a privilege to be part of this clan.

Today, I’m thinking about DeDe’s oldest brother, Malcolm.

He died suddenly one year ago.

September 17, 2014.

It is also his daughter Paige’s birthday.

That makes it an extremely bittersweet day for Paige.

More bitter than sweet.

Pray today for Paige, her mother Kay, and all of Malcolm’s family.



After the death of DeDe’s mother about ten years ago , Malcolm and Kay Terry moved in with DeDe’s father, Herbert Terry.

They provided love, care, and companionship for my father-in-law during the lonely days, weeks, and years after his wife’s death.

On visits to Harrisonburg, DeDe would sincerely thank Malcolm for his excellent care of their father.

Invariably, Malcolm’s face would light up. “I’ll tell you this: it is a privilege. We are the ones being blessed.”

Malcolm had a precise manner of speaking.

He didn’t leave off the ends of words like many of us.

He’d clip off each word.



a privilege.


Malcolm, it was—and still is—a privilege being your brother-in-law.

You’re gone from us but never forgotten.

It is definitely a privilege.

“A good name is to be desired about great riches.”

-Proverbs 22:1

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