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Tues. May 25 A Place Called Congo

Last night I mailed off my current manuscript of A Spent Bullet. I want to thank “my editor cousins”  Joy Reeves Pitre, Julie Holland Johnson, and Coleen Roberts Ritter.  Thanks Ladies!

Today I shift into total African mode.  I’ll be sharing openly as we plan, pray, and get ready to go on Thursday to Congo/Rwanda.

“Mountains cannot go to other mountains, but people can go to other people.”   -“Latif” Village elder to my friend Randy Pierce.      Learn more about Randy’s missions organization at

Mt. Nyiragongo, Congo's most active volcano north of Goma, Congo.

Last week, NBC aired an excerpt on Ben Affleck’s visit to Eastern Congo. He was in Goma, the very city we’ll be in beginning Sunday.  It’s an excellent report on “Making A Difference.”

We’ll be working with IMB (International Mission Board) missionaries in both Rwanda and Congo.  Below is a heart-wrenching link to a team that was recently in eastern Congo where we’ll be.

The pastor mentioned in the article, Habimama Athanase, is the Baptist pastor we’ll be with for the majority of our trip.

Pray for us!

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