Holding the Rope


It’s Sunday.

With your permission, we’re mentioning several prayer requests for Uganda and our region of Africa.

As you worship today, please share these with your friends, families, and fellow church members.

1.  Our Louisiana team (Charlie Bailey, Shane Wilber, and me) are joining Koboko Baptist Church in worship today.  Pray for a Spirit-filled service as well as the Kakwa Bible School scheduled for this week.

Koboko Secondary School
Koboko Secondary School

2. Shane Wilber and I will be in camps and schools using soccer and stories to share the Gospel.  Please pray for favor for us.

3. Later in May, DeDe and I will travel to a new location,  the Gambela region of Ethiopia.  Please pray for the thousands of refugees there and the churches ministering to them.




When you pray for our needs, you are holding the rope.
When you pray for our needs, you are holding the rope.

When you pray, you’re holding the rope.

When you pray, you are with us in spirit and truth!



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