“Back Cover Copy” of our upcoming novel Where We All Belong

Where We All Belong

A Novel by Curt Iles


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Back Cover 


“Hitler said we’d march across America. He just forgot to tell us we’d be carrying shovels instead of rifles.”


During  World War Ⅱ, over 200,000 German prisoners of war, primarily members of Rommel’s famed Afrika Korps, were shipped to America.


Where We All Belong begins with the long journey across the LONG VOYAGE   SEA  of German POW Noah Becker. After a host of difficulties,  Becker lands in a Louisiana POW camp.


Where We All Belong is the story of two young people caught up in the life-changing years of World War II.


It was a remarkable time with remarkable people.


Maggie Loewer is fighting her own war on the home front.  Her family are German-American rice farmers in South Louisiana struggling to keep their farm going during the manpower shortages and difficulties.


It was a time when enemies became friends.


During the 1944 rice harvest, POWs are sent to work on local farms where there is a wartime shortage of manpower.  They work alongside the Americans to help bring in the rice crop.  In spite of the war, friendships are built and relationships bloom.

The sparks fly when Noah Becker and his friends are sent to the German-American hamlet of Mowata, Louisiana 


Everyone needs a place to belong.


That’s when Noah meets Maggie Loewer, and they begin a forbidden romance opposed by everyone except each other.


Sometimes the greatest battles take place far from the front.


As in his first thirteen books, Curt Iles’ warm and poignant storytelling style brings two different cultures together on the homefront during America’s greatest war.


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