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Billboard Free

I-49 in Rapides Parish

Billboard Free “One call, that’s all.” I live one mile off Interstate 49. It runs north-south through Alexandria and cuts across Louisiana from Shreveport to Lafayette. There are two things I like about I-49: There’s a 75 mile per hour speed limit on most of the lightly traveled Interstate. There is a 60-mile stretch that is billboard free. Leaving Alexandria …

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The Eagle Has Landed

  Everyone has a memory of where they were for historic events. I was in second grade when JFK was shot, in a board meeting for 9/11… … and in the home of Ed and Kat King for the first landing on the moon. It was Sunday night, July 20, 1969. After the Sunday evening service at church, the Kings …

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A Christian Cuss Word

I recently read (and shared) a story on Christian cuss words. The author singled out the words “Luck” and “Fortune.”  He insisted that these words have no place in the life and vocabulary of a Christian. We followers of Christ believe that every step of our lives is directed by God and He is able to make good out of …

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The Proverbs Plan

The Proverbs Plan Part of my daily Bible reading involves the Old Testament book of Proverbs. It’s a book of short wisdom sayings compiled by King Solomon and others. Because Proverbs contains 31 chapters, it is conducive to reading a daily chapter related to the day of the month.  i.e. on July 5th, I read Proverbs 5. When you start …

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The Door

Deep Roots

“The Door” is one of my favorite stories.  It blends humor with a poignant twist.   Coach Larry Greene   The Door A warning: Be careful with the doors at the Lake Charles Civic Center! I was there last week and as I entered the men’s room, I recalled Roy Greene’s story. The Lake Charles Civic Center opened thirty years …

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