Billboard Free

Billboard Free

“One call, that’s all.”

I live one mile off Interstate 49. It runs north-south through Alexandria and cuts across Louisiana from Shreveport to Lafayette.

There are two things I like about I-49:

  1. There’s a 75 mile per hour speed limit on most of the lightly traveled Interstate.
  2. There is a 60-mile stretch that is billboard free.

Leaving Alexandria headed south toward Lafayette you’ll not see a billboard until Opelousas. That’s right at sixty miles through the pines, rolling hills, swamps, and rice fields.

It’s a refreshing drive through a unique section of our state.

No billboards telling me that “One click that’s it.”

An absence of yellow signs reminding me to “Get Gordon.”

No Personal Injury Attorney signs.

Those signs are everywhere along our state highways.

TV ads from these same attorneys are rife.

But you won’t find their advertisements for nearly an hour of billboard-free driving south of Alexandria.

It’s a feeling of freedom to drive that distance without the presence of billboards.

It’s a beautiful drive.

I recommend it highly.

I-49 in Rapides Parish in the billboard-free segment.


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