Jesus Was A Walker…

I’m planning an October Appalachian Trail hike. (I don’t want to hear any jokes about that South Carolina governor. He gave all of us A.T. hikers a bad name!)



I pulled out this poem from Stories from the Creekbank. It’s always been a favorite of mine when I get the wandering fever.






Jesus was a walker. . .




You ask me why I’m a walker

Up and down these country roads

It’s not real easy to explain

So I’ll give an example to you.




You see, Jesus was a walker.

That’s the only way He knew to go.

He walked on dusty roads and traveled in the hills.

He hiked through the mountains,

Where the view is nice and real.




Jesus knew a secret

That I’ll now share with you:

When you’re out walking in nature,

You can feel God speaking to you.




As you walk where it’s quiet and peaceful,

The world’s troubles will soon disappear

And you will feel God’s peace

As He draws you near.




Yes, Jesus was a walker.

He even walked out on the sea.

And as I walk through these woods

I feel Him walking with me. . .

copyright 2000 Creekbank Stories Curt Iles


Solvitur ambulando “The Difficulty is solved by walking.”



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