The Mockingbird’s Song

Info on my new book… The Mockingbird’s Song

The wheels are turning for the release of my fifth book, The Mockingbird’s Song.
Tentative release is scheduled for November 2006. This new book by Curt Iles from Creekbank Stories will be printed by Wise Printing of Sulphur, LA.

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This book will be different from my previous four books. It is woven together with stories and essays from a time of deep depression in my life in 2000-2001. Although it is a book on a sober and timely subject, it is full of hope, light, and compassion. It is built on the firm belief that not only does God not abandon us in our dark and fiery times – but He uses the fire the shape us to be better instruments for His glory and to help others as they journey along.

Although this may not be a book that every faithful reader of mine will find useful, it will fill a great need for anyone (and their families) who is going through depression, despair, or discouragement. That is my sole reason for sharing these stories from my heart.

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The Mockingbird’s Song
by Curt Iles
Copyright 2006 Creekbank Stories
ISBN 0-9705236-4-5

Thanks for all you do to encourage me in my writing ministry.

Curt Iles


  1. I ordered the book and can’t wait to read it.

  2. I think this will be one of the most important books ever written and I think it will be a necessity for anyone who understands suffering and the longing of the spirit to find peace.

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