6 Words to Live by in 2010

Each year I try to select six words that guide my life.  This is my current list.  I’d love to hear from you on what your favorite word(s) are.

1. Passion

2. Grit

3. Gratitude

4. Balance

5. Legacy

6. Peace


  1. Hi, Curt. My favorite words: Forgiveness, Food, Clara, Home, Music, Poetry.

  2. God, Grace, Understanding, love, live, give. I want to walk with God, and I’m far less than perfect, so he has Grace for me. I pray for Understanding of the world around me, ’cause this whole ‘grow up, be responsible, and make the world a better place’ thing sure looked a whole lot easier in the brochure. I Love my wife, life, family and friends, and I want to Live all I can while I’m here. Lastly, when I find I’m at an impass, I’ve seen it never hurts to Give and almost always it helps.

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