A word from Curt

A word from Curt

As the Crow Flies is our latest novel, scheduled for release in September.



First of all, thanks so much for how many of you have chosen to be a backer/partner in the As the Crow Flies Kickstarter campaign.

Because of your support, we’ve reached our goal of $4000 in the first two weeks! There are now ten days left in the campaign.

This week, we’re going for two stretch goals:

1.  Producing the book in Braille through Bookshare.com.  Once we reach a total of $4500, this project will be locked in.

2.  Publishing a large print version of As the Crow Flies for our older readers.  Our budget calls for an additional $1500 to complete this part of the project.

We’re asking you to consider giving to meet these goals.

Additionally, please share this project with your friends.  You can copy the following sentence and forward to your friends on your Facebook feed:

Check out the As the Crow Flies Kickstarter Campaign at http://kck.st/2plqOOY



I am so grateful for your support.

Together, we are doing it: independently publishing a book we can be proud of that will be enjoyed by readers in Louisiana and beyond.


Curt Iles

      View our one-minute Thankful Video

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