Bo Rein to become next LSU Football Coach

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Bo Rein to become next LSU Football Coach

The Associated Press has reported that Bo Rein, current North Carolina State coach, has been picked to head up LSU’s Football Program.

The LSU Athletic Department has neither confirmed or denied the report. If hired, Rein would replace long-time LSU Coach . . .


Before you get rattled, this is a headline from 1980 when Rein was hired to replace Coach Charlie McClendon.*

Rein died in a tragic plane accident before ever coaching a game.

I’ve always wondered what would’ve been. He was a young aggressive offensive-minded coach.

For some reason, I’ve thought often of Coach Rein this season. I recently viewed a powerful ESPN story on Bo Rein. It saddened me once again on what could’ve been.

View the documentary at…

Rein’s death was the first domino in several decades of of up and down football for the Tigers and their fans.

It wasn’t until Coach Saban and Coach Miles that we regained our place on the national stage.

*Charles McClendon was basically forced out for his failure to beat Alabama and win big.

Be careful LSU Athletic Department.

Sometimes you can get what you want and later regret it.

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