1. Is there a certain order to reading your books? I’ve read somewhere that the Westport Series is a trilogy, but your site does not clearly state that. Also, I’d like to know the years your books were published to see the order
    you wrote them in. The published year is not on every book on your site.

  2. Here are the order of our books from latest to earliest:

    The Westport Series Historical Fiction

    As the Crow Flies – the third and final book in the Westport Trilogy (Historical Fiction 2017)

    A Good Place (2009)

    The Wayfaring Stranger (2007)

    Trampled Grass (2016) African short stories

    Christmas Jelly (2012) Christmas short stories with recipes from Dry Creek friends.

    Louisiana Skies Series Historical Fiction

    Book 1 A Spent Bullet (2011)

    Uncle Sam: A Horse’s Tale (2011) Children’s Companion Book to A Spent Bullet


    Short Story Collections

    Deep Roots (2010)

    The Mockingbird’s Song (2007)

    Hearts across the Water (2006)

    Wind in the Pines (2004)

    The Old House (2002)
    *These first four books are available in a beautiful box set. Only 20 left in stock and they’re gone forever!

    Stories from the Creekbank (2000)

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