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A Spent Bullet

Our latest historical novel

Shooting Wax Bullets: Chapter 2

Today we continue tidbits and excerpts about our new novel,  A Spent Bullet. This blog is the “director’s cut.”  It features insights, photos, and links from the writing of  A Spent Bullet.  Enjoy! I’ll be updating it through Thanksgiving Day. If you haven’t signed up ...

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A Dead Beech Tree Bridge

A dead beech log across Crooked Bayou This companion passage to Joe’s visit to the baygall occurs over a year later in our story. It’s near the end of The Wayfaring Stranger. It’s my favorite passage and when I read the end of it to ...

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The Writing Life: DeRidder H.S.

School’s out for summer… nearly Mrs. Shirley’s English class at DeRidder High As an author, I’m always involved with three (3) books at a time. 1. Marketing my latest published book. In this case, The Wayfaring Stranger. 2. Finishing up with my latest manuscript. In ...

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Researching History: A Spent Bullet

Research Question A rose by any other name is still a . . . I’m starting a new manuscript tentatively titled, A Spent Bullet. It takes place in SW Louisiana during the large La. Army Maneuvers of August 1941, and involves the evolving relationship between ...

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