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This is the weekly Tribe Creek Storyletter.  It’s just an opportunity to tell you what’s going on in our writing world, and hopefully encourage and inspire you.


I try to live by a series of words.  Right now, gratitude is filling my heart. I am so thankful for the gifts in my life. I’m extremely grateful for my returning mental health. Two months ago, I was at the bottom.

As I write this, one word fills my heart: gratitude.

May it fill yours also!




Remembering where you came from.  I deeply cherish the small block of pine kindling shown in the image above. My lifetime friend, Tim Reeves, sent it to me in Africa with a message,  “Don’t forget where you came from. When you get homesick, scratch off a piece of kindling and the smell will take you home.”

I keep Tim’s gift on a lanyard I wear when I ‘m writing. I don’t want to forget where I come from.

As if I need reminding, I come from Dry Creek, Louisiana. I took this shot today on my pine plantation. The elevation is 76 feet.


What I’m reading:


“How’s Your Faith” began with a simple question from President George W. Bush. (See comments above).

It’s Gregory’s story of his developing faith. I’ll be upfront, his view of faith differs from some aspects of mine, but it clear God is working in his life.

One of my favorite passages concerns Gregory being fired as Moderator of “Meet the Press” due to poor ratings.  He reached out to Dr. Russell Moore, president of our Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Moore was able to guide and counsel him during this difficult. I follow Dr. Moore’s blog and podcast.  It’s worth a look.



Trivia Contest:  I pass this road sign weekly. (Can anyone tell the location of the  sign?)  Charlotte Johnson is the heroine of one of Country Music’s most famous hardcore songs.  What is the song/singer and what are her brother and father doing in the song?

Charlotte Johnson Rd.

Send your answers. We’ll throw in the correct ones a hat and do a two-book drawing.

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