The Dry Creek Tabernacle

A word from Curt

You can’t understand me unless you have insight about how Dry Creek Baptist Camp has shaped my life.   I got my first job there at age 13.  I was in charge of picking up glass coke bottles on the grounds for deposit return.

At that young age, I had no idea (no one else did either) that I’d serve as camp manager one day.

Or return as camp pastor/missionary for Boys Camp during Summer 2016.



The Dry Creek Tabernacle
The Dry Creek Tabernacle

Tabernacle Prayer

 August 1999

Dear Lord, as I sit in the back of this old building called “the Tabernacle” at Dry Creek, I’m reminded of all the great things You’ve done in this building. Above the loudness of youth singing and the echoes of sermons from Your word, I can hear Your sweet, still, small voice above all the other things I’ve heard.

As I look up at those exposed rafters, I sure do wish they could talk . . .

All the stories they’d tell of lives changed here by You . . .

Souls changed by the power of your love never to be the same again . . .

Missionaries and Pastors who first heard your call, “Go and tell, . . . ” while worshiping in this building.

Lord, thank You for using this camp and the Tabernacle on these grounds

To speak to thousands of lives over the years.

But Lord, Your power isn’t confined to any building,

For your Spirit works everywhere.

You’re ready to use people and buildings, when we’re simply open to Your will.

But I’m surely thankful You’ve chosen to work in such a mighty way at Dry Creek.

Thank You for all the marvelous things You’ve done here in the past . . .


But most of all, Lord, thank You for what you will continue to do at Your camp.

As we plan and look to the future, lead us as we plan,

Let everything we do be guided by Your strong hand.

And let my life be Your tabernacle,

A place where You’re welcome to dwell,

Always remembering that without Your presence,

No building, or person, is complete.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“Tabernacle Prayer” comes from our first book,  Stories from the Creekbank.

Stories from the Creekbank, Cover

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