Encouragement: God stays with us in the midst of trials

Here's a cup of encouragement for you...


One of the best parts of following Jesus is His faithfulness in the midst of trials.

We are not exempted from trouble and tragedy.  Our comfort is simply knowing that He stands with us.  My travels to eastern Congo have taught me so much.  It’s a war-torn region rife with poverty, violence, and daily difficulties on having water, food, and safety.

In the midst of this, I’ve met countless Christians who have the joy of the Lord.  They have an inner strength that exudes from them.  I adopted this verse from (and for) them:    The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Additionally, I’ve come to believe this:  When all you’ve got left is Jesus, you will find He is enough.

My African friends near Goma, Democratic Congo have taught me this.  I went there to share and teach; instead they have been my patient teachers.

Stirring message on the blog of my pastor, Charlie Bailey:  “The Providence of God in the midst of Trials”  http://charbail.blogspot.com/

He’s preaching through the life of Joseph.  Rich stuff!


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