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Prayer Request for the Nuer in Tika II, a section of the Rhino Refugee Camp near Arua, Uganda

Since the violent conflict in South Sudan began on December 15, 2013, the Nuer tribe has suffered much.


There were over one million Nuer living in South Sudan.  They are one of the two largest tribes there, the other being the Dinka.

Nuer Man. Nuer and Dinka tribes both have decorative scarifications on their foreheads. The Nuer (normally) are recognised by parallel lines across the forehead.
Nuer Man. Nuer and Dinka tribes both have decorative scarifications on their foreheads. The Nuer (normally) are recognised by parallel lines across the forehead.


The Nuer depend on their numerous cattle, which they use for bartering, cash, dowries, and conflict resolution.  However, this way of life is over for now for those who’ve fled their homes.

The Nuer have left South Sudan with nothing and are living in refugee camps in neighboring countries.  The people living in these camps are women and children since the men have either been killed or are staying back in South Sudan to protect the interests of the Nuer there.

Nuer sections of South Sudan
Nuer sections of South Sudan


Rhino Camp is one of the refugee camps that houses many Nuer near Arua, Uganda.  One of the camps within the camp is Tika II.   There are at present 3,600 Nuer from 760 households in this camp.  In the Tika II camp there are 30 pregnant women, 12 elderly/disabled persons,  22 unaccompanied minors,  with only 7 men. This number is growing daily.

A team from Baptist Global Response (BGR) came to survey and report needs.   At the time of the survey these are the needs reported for the Tika II camp: water, food, latrines, medical care, and education.

At present Baptist Global Response in working with your IMB missionaries to provide two boreholes along with jerry cans in this section of the camp known as Tika II.

Map_rhinoCamp 6.49.31 AM

Rhino Camp in particular has special difficulties.

  • Pray for these people to know the living, loving, Savior who provides for physical and spiritual rest.
  • Pray especially for a “Person of Peace” for this camp.  We must have Christian national leaders to work within these camps.
  • Roads-As the rainy season approaches this camp will be difficult to reach, if not impossible, for the deliveries of much-needed supplies.
  • Pray that the Lord would clearly guide the IMB personnel who are assigned to work with South Sudanese in how they are to lead Southern Baptists to be on mission with Him.
  • Pray for wisdom in responding to the spiritual and humanitarian needs of the South Sudanese who are now in both Uganda and Kenya.
  • Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would call out and thrust forth more workers into the South Sudanese field.  As of now, the number of personnel assigned to the Chadan Cluster is just too few to enable them to lead in a widespread response.
  • Pray that the Lord would show the IMB personnel assigned to work with South Sudanese people how they can partner with national believers and gospel workers serving with other organizations/NGOs, so that through their cooperative efforts more might be done, and done effectively and in a timely manner.


If you will commit to pray for the spiritual and physical needs of the Nuer in Tika II please respond to DeDe Iles. My email address is




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