Fri. Aug. 20

Special thanks to the Camp Bethany family for letting me stay and write at your camp.  Thanks to Robert and Joan, David and Derinda, Kelli, and staff.

Camp Bethany is a beautiful Baptist Camp west of Shreveport on the Texas/La. line.

A Spent Bullet: Coming in November

Draft Cover mockup for 'A Spent Bullet'

This is the “elevator speech”* explanation of my  upcoming novel, A Spent Bullet.

Elizabeth Reed is a young Louisiana schoolteacher who dislikes soldiers.

Harry Miller is a Wisconsin soldier who dislikes/hates Louisiana.

It only makes sense that they should meet and fall in love.

Set in western Louisiana during the 1941 Army Maneuvers,  A Spent Bullet is the story of how our piney woods culture was changed by the invasion of a half-million soldiers.

* An ‘elevator speech’ is telling what your book is about within 15 seconds.

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