High Stakes Gambling


The report on Volkswagon’s infamous emissions scandal was in the news again last week.  The company is being forced to buy back VWs, repair the emissions controls, pay large fines, and not pass go/collect $100.00.

Seriously, it is a stain on a company that has traditionally been respected.

The report said, “VW fails on high stakes gamble.”

High stakes gamble.

I’ve been thinking of that term all week.

Someone (or someones) decided to cut corners to pad the bottom line.

They sacrificed integrity.

And integrity is  a currency that once spent, is hard to recoup.

VW lost its way and now it’s time to pay.

When you sacrifice integrity, you lose your way.

And when it catches up with you (as it usually does sooner or later) the payments are steep.

Integrity.  Who you are when no one is watching, and what you are willing to stand up for even if standing alone.


The upper echelon of VW thought no one was watching and evidently a large swath of that leadership wasn’t willing to stand up.

To speak out.

Blow the whistle.

Or at least walk away.










It’s a good reminder to me.  I don’t need to play with high stakes gambling.

And I’m not talking about Grand Coushatta or Vegas.

I’m talking about Alexandria and environs where I live daily.

It’s about my living a morally pure life.  Handling money in a reputable way.  Speaking the truth in all things.  Being kind and avoiding gossip.  Integrity.

If I sacrifice my integrity, I have nothing.

The gamble is never worth the price.

My current 6+ Words includes Integrity.

My current 6+ Words includes Integrity.

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