Holding the Rope: 3 Prayer Requests


It’s Sunday.

With your permission, we’re mentioning several prayer requests for Uganda and our region of Africa.

As you worship today, please share these with your friends, families, and fellow church members.

1.  Pray for our colleague J.D. “Jonathan” Hull.  J.D. is scheduled to move into the South Sudanese Bush with  team members the Lane and Jeremiadoss families.  His priority will be learning Sudanese Arabic.  Pray!

JD sharing about Audio Bible cards.
JD sharing about Audio Bibles.

2.  Later this week, our home church in Louisiana arrives to visit their unreached people group, the Kakwa.  Pray for Pastor Charlie Bailey as he teaches in a local Bible School.  Pray for Shane Wilber and me as we combine Bible storying, soccer, and traveling in the local refugee camps.

3.  Pray for DeDe as she focuses on the important task of identifying and learning about the over one hundred unreached groups in our Chadan cluster.


When you pray for our needs, you are holding the rope.
When you pray for our needs, you are holding the rope.

When you pray, you’re holding the rope.

When you pray, you are with us in spirit and truth!



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