“I am Lottie Moon” Week at The Creek

Lottie Moon’s plaque on our “Heroes Hall of Fame” in Richmond. Every International Mission Board worker who died while “serving on the field” are listed here.

Learn more about Lottie Moon by scrolling down* or visiting her Wikipedia page.

You can also learn more and give directly to the Lottie Moon Mission Offering.

Hey Friends,

  • December 1-8 is the Week of Prayer among our denomination.  It is the time when we Southern Baptists give an offering toward overseas missions.
  • This offering is called the “Lottie Moon Christmas Offering” (LMCO)and goes directly to meet the needs of the nearly 5000 missionaries serving the International Mission Board (IMB).
  • Our organization loves acronyms such as “Give to the IMB’s LMCO.”
  • Rather than quote statistics or use acronyms, we’re going to tell stories this week.  Stories of the folks we are training with who are supported by the Lottie Moon offering.
  • I urge you to give to this offering as never before.
Anna and Noah say, “I am Lottie Moon.” Anna and Noah (and their parents) will be serving near us in Africa. This photo was taken last week on “Airport Day” when the Missionary Kids (MKs)* are trained in how to proceed in an airport. The wonderful training and support our missionaries receive is due to the Lottie Moon Offering.
Missionary Kids (MKs) are now known as “Third Culture Kids” (TCKs) Third Culture Kids are from one country who live in another country and develop a unique personality of a “third culture.”

I beg of our churches to give sacrificially.  Sadly, there are young people ready to go serve who cannot because of a lack of financial resources.

I view these two things as unacceptable:

1.  That people are living and dying without hearing the name of Jesus.

2.  There are servants ready to go tell who cannot because of a lack of funding.

You can help on this by giving.  Give through your church or give directly.

I have personally seen how these monies are used.  I’ve seen missionaries drive 4WDs to inaccessible places to share about Jesus.  I saw Lottie Moon money used to help the Muslims of Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami.  I hid the Jesus Film DVD in Chinese rice fields that were in a specific dialect.  This was done through Lottie Moon funding.

I’ve stood by AIDs patients in South Africa who have now come to Jesus through Lottie Moon supported missionaries.


One of the many biographies on Lottie Moon.

*Lottie Moon was a pioneer missionary for forty years in China.  She survived civil wars, persecution, and famine.  She died of malnutrition as she left her beloved China in 1912.

Since 1925, Southern Baptists have taken a yearly offering to support our overseas missionaries. DeDe and I will be serving for two years in Africa beginning in 2013.  This offering supports the work we will doing.






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