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Headline:  Louisiana author to publish 13th book.


Curt Iles, author of a dozen books celebrating life in Louisiana’s Pineywoods, is preparing to publish his latest novel.

The historical fiction title, As the Crow Flies, is scheduled for release on Labor Day 2017.   As the Crow Flies is the third book in the “Westport Series” that began with the novels The Wayfaring Stranger (2007) and A Good Place (2009).

The latest novel is centered around the Westport Fight of 1881, an event that shaped the area known as Louisiana’s No Man’s Land. The story is narrated by Missouri Cotton, a drifting teen whose family becomes involved in the feud and resulting violence that leads to all Outsiders being run out of the area by the locals, known as Ten Milers, or Redbones.  In a voice that readers will connect with, Missouri tells the story with passion, humor, and insight.

Iles is currently enrolling backers to a Kickstarter Campaign to fund As the Crow Flies for publication and additional products.  Kickstarter ( is a crowdfunding resource for independent creatives that allows readers, friends, and new supporters to pre-purchase copies as well as sign up for some fun unique perks.

You can learn more about the book and campaign at by typing in “crow” on the Kickstarter search icon.  Additional information is available at as well as