On the Road Again . . . #UpCountry


The Nile River at Karuma Falls in NW Uganda.
The Nile River at Karuma Falls in NW Uganda.

Five American friends are traveling with us today to Northern Uganda. The photo above is probably my favourite spot in Africa.  When you cross the Nile at Karuma Falls, you enter a completely different part of Uganda.  Folks call it “Up Country” and during the LRA years it was avoided at all costs.

I can’t wait to show the guys this spot and much more.  Most of all, I’m excited about the relationships that will form over the next week.

Why don’t you come along with us?

We’ll be tweeting at #UpCountry as coverage allows. 

This is probably the only missions blog that will quote lyrics from Canned Heat. This 60’s blues band became famous at Woodstock and featured great harmonica and guitar played mixed with unique voice.

Three  of their songs come to mind today as we head into Northern Uganda:

“On the Road Again” is a song about having the urge to travel and see new sights. My favourite (My British spellchecker adds those u’s to words) line is “We might even leave the U.S.A.”

This week marks one year in Africa for DeDe and me.

I have such mixed emotions.

Fully sure this is where we’re supposed to be but homesick for family, the pines, friends, The Old House, and Foreman’s boudin.

The second Canned Heat song is “Going Up the Country.”
Northern Uganda (north of the Nile River) is known as “Up Country” and it’s not a compliment to be called “from Up Country,” even though folks along Lake Victoria (Entebbe/Kampala/Jinja) hail from up country.  Calling someone “Up Country” is an equivalent of our “Redneck/Country Bumpkin.”

My third favourite Canned Heat song is “Let’s Work Together”  with its classic line,  “Cause together we will stand or fall.”

The job of working with the South Sudanese is too big for us to get our head or hands around.  That’s why your prayer, giving, and encouragement are so essential.

Pray that the leaders of South Sudan will put aside their selfishness (plenty of that to go around) and quest for power and seek peace. Pray they will work together.

Let’s work together

As we go on the road


Yep, we’re going up country. Pray for us on this journey.

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Traveling for a reason,


By the way, some of you old hippies might want to hear/seeing  “Going Up the Country.  Enjoy!

By the way #2, we won’t be doing “jump in the water/stay drunk all the time.”  That Nile water is full of all kinds of bad things, including crocs.

The road UpCountry is often a trail.
The road UpCountry is often a trail.