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Packing Light . . . but Carefully


We’re leaving Wednesday for a trip upcountry. I’m inviting you to help me pack. I’ll be updating today and tomorrow.

It’s an art and science.  The process of packing for a long trip.

I’m not very good at it.  I have a whole assortment of busted zippers from trying to, as Dolly Parton once famously said,  “Put 5o pounds of mud in a 30 pound sack.”

I’ve been guilty of trying to “carry a lazy man’s load.”

As I preparing for two weeks in the Bush, I’m carefully considering what I need.

I’m also helping a volunteer team from Dry Creek get ready to come over here.  This post is instructional for them, but we’ll gladly let you look in. Ideas are always welcome.

5 Most Important Items:

1. T.P.

2. Bible/Storying Cloth

3. Battery Operated Fan/extra batteries

4. Doom insect repellant.



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