Saturday Shots from The Sojourn

A word from Curt


It defines a person making a temporary stay.

It goes along with the Swahili word for white men, Mzungu.

Mzungu means “always moving about.”

i.e. a sojourner.

Below are photos from our current sojourn.



P.S. A Picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Maybe more.




Daniel Opio a Madi tribe member from Adjumani, Uganda
Daniel Opio a Madi tribe member from Adjumani, Uganda


Will you join us in praying for Daniel Opio and Charles Akuku? They are both in their first week at Uganda Baptist Seminary.  This is a big step for these young men in their journey at following Jesus.

There is a form at the bottom of this post. Send Daniel or Charles a note of encouragement/scripture and I’ll get it to them.  Thanks in advance!

Todd and Jessica Burnaman at the Ugandan Equator with DeDe and me.
Todd and Jessica Burnaman at the Ugandan Equator with DeDe and me.
My iPhone at the Equator.
My iPhone at the Equator.

One of the amazing things at the Equator is the man with three birdbaths.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 2.03.48 PM


He has three homemade bird-bath shaped stands.  Each has a hole in the center.  One straddles the Equator and the other two are about ten yards on each side of the line.

He pours water into each and it drains in this way:

The northern hemisphere drains clockwise.  He places a flower petal in the water to clearly illustrate the direction of the drainage.

The southern hemisphere drains counterclockwise.

Finally, he fills the birdbath astride the Equator.  It drains straight down.

I’ve read it’s all a fake.

An optical illusion.

Todd even made him use the same birdbath for each location.  (The fountains sit atop a metal frame.)

It still drained differently at each location.









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