See Dirt? Throw Seed!

A sower went out to sow . . .

A Word from Curt

See Dirt?  Throw Seeds!

It’s all of our job


Whatever it takes.

That’s our job on sowing gospel seed in Africa.

When you see dirt, throw seed.


Baptist Convention of South Sudan Pastors
Baptist Convention of South Sudan Pastors

These are the men and their wives who are sowing Gospel seeds across South Sudan and its borderland refugee camps.

The past three days have been spent in Ugandan refugee camps where churches have been planted and lives changed.  We were there to visit these dedicated pastors and encourage them.

They encouraged us.


Handing out audio Bibles to Refugee Camp pastors.


At one of our most challenging camps, Boroli, we distributed solars audio players in Murle and Arabic.

DeDe’s friend Juliet called today,  “They are listening to the Bible all over the Camp. Everyone is so excited to hear the word of God is the languages we understand.”

Juliet speaks to refugees as Camp Chairman listens. Juliet has been a "Person of Peace" at Boroli Camp.
Juliet speaks to refugees as Camp Chairman listens. Juliet has been a “Person of Peace” at Boroli Camp.


IMG_1553 IMG_1552 IMG_1551

 DeDe with Desire Grace Anyovi in Adjumani, Uganda

African Road Flares
African Road Flares

It’s common to see tree limbs in the roadway designating a disabled vehicle or road work ahead.  We call them “African Road Flares.”


"Best Pizza in Uganda." -JD Hull
“Best Pizza in Uganda.” -JD Hull

 Sankofa Cafe in Gulu, Uganda.

“Sankofa” means “don’t forget the past.”

This is a timely term in the Gulu area.  This is the area from which Joseph Kony and his infamous “Lord’s Resistance Army” (LRA) sprang forth.

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