Sept. 6 In Celebration of Southern Women

“A Southern Woman can do anything.” -Iris

My friend Iris gave me this reply to a question I asked.

It sums up why I’ve always loved Southern women.

My Southern mom, Mary Iles, at her home. Background “The Old House” featuring my great grandmother, Theodosia Wagnon Iles.

I’m thankful for the Southern women in my life.

I married one. She can’t be beat.

Curt and DeDe Ethiopia Africa

I was birthed by one.  My mother reared us with the best qualities that make our part of America great.  Jerry Jeff Walker sang, “His mother made him what he is.”*

I have two sisters who are Southern women: Colleen Glaser and Claudia Campbell.  They’ve raised their children with the same qualities and values we were brought up with.

Happy birthday today to my sister Colleen.

I was taught by Southern women throughout my school years. The influences of Ora Spears, Goldie Cain, Evelyn Cole LaCaze, Ruby Hebert, and Eleanor Andrews are still evident in my life.

Today is Labor Day. It’s a good day to celebrate Southern Women.

*”Redneck Mother”  by Jerry Jeff Walker

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