Sept. 7 Snakes Alive

Terry Iles with six foot Chicken Snake (Texas Rat Snake) skin

In my former life (as a biology teacher) I became known as the snake man.  I’ve always been fascinated with snakes.  (One evangelist at the camp once said,  “I think a lot of you, but you and those snakes worry me.”)

Late August and September are active times for snakes in Louisiana.  It’s what the old timers called “The Dog Days.”   Snakes are on the move with the first cool weather approaching, it’s extra dry so they’re traveling to find water, and they normally shed during this time.

That’s why the dog days are when outdoorsmen look carefully for snakes.  During shedding snakes become blind and are more prone to bite instead of fleeing.

Jack Iles with 4 foot Canebreak Rattlesnake killed near his Woodworth home.

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