Leadership: Thoughts on “Stewardship”



Clayton Iles Road in the early sunlight.

Thoughts on Stewardship


Saturday, June 1

It’s the first day of a new month.

June 1. It’s the first day of hurricane season.

June 1. It’s my birthday.

Number 68.

68. That’s a lot of hurricane seasons in Louisiana.


June 1. It could be considered the half mark of the year.
It’s a good time to reflect. Look over the recent past.

To humbly celebrate the victories and bravely learn from the disappointments and defeats.

The word stewardship has been on my mind as I review this year.
It means taking any and all things God places in our hands and doing the best we can with them.

That’s stewardship.

Those “Things in our hands” can be material, but often are much more than that.

In my life, stewardship involves relationships.

It starts with close family, then ripples out over layer after layer of relationships, including many I’ll never meet.

The question I must ask as I go to bed on my 68th birthday is,

“Have I been a good steward of the blessings, gifts, and people in my life?”

I’ve attempted (with God’s help and my sweet wife, DeDe) to grow, tend, care for, and protect what He has placed in my hands.

To be a good steward. A caretaker.

Could I have done better?
Heck, Yeah!

Would I change anything?
No Way!

This has been the path I’ve chosen and I’m comfortable with that.

What about the next leg of my journey?

I’m excited about growing as a steward, continuing to learn, and moving forward.

Stewardship has nothing to do with age, health, status, or fame.
It’s looking in your hands and making the most of what’s there through love, grit, and commitment.

What happens in the coming seasons of my life isn’t nearly as important as what I do with them.

It’s being a good steward.

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