Thur. August 19

Writing from the road.

Yesterday I saw my friend Jane Young.  We were discussing her parents,  Audice and Irene Earl.  They were two of my favorite people.

Mrs. Irene kept our boys at Palestine Baptist and she had to be the sweetest person I’ve ever known.  Jane told a story of her mother once being in a car where someone was being “discussed.”  It was a person that folks had very little to say good about.

After each passenger had weighed in, someone asked Mrs. Irene, “What do you think about her?”

Mrs. Irene Earl said, “Doesn’t she have beautiful hair?”

What a compliment:  “I never heard her say a bad word about anyone.”

I think I’m going to put “her character” into my novel.  You’ll recognize her; she’s the one that always has something nice to say even about the town scoundrel:  “Well, he does know how to grow good sweet corn.”

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