Thur. Dec. 9 Southern Thoughts

“There ain’t no tacky like Southern tacky.”

A Classic: Hwy 394 between Dry Creek and DeRidder


I’ve seen it all: pink flamingos filling the yard, trees painted white up to head high, tires half-buried as borders around the flowers, junk freezers at the driveway end for the trash (can anyone spell t-r-a-s-h  b-e-n-d.)

These are the things I love about Southern Living (and I’m not talking about the magazine.)

Here’s one of my local favorites:  taking the head of a huge catfish and hanging it on a highway sign.  Don’t ask me why, but I’ve see them from time to time.  One hung on Mitchell Harper Rd. near East Beauregard for over a year.

Catfish head La. 463 at La. 121
That catfish head has hung so long that I believe it's fossilized.

This specimen hangs proudly at the intersection on La. 463 with its intersection with La. 121  near Hineston, La.

Like I said,  “There ain’t no tacky like Southern tacky.”


  1. My personal favorite is to see an old toilet in someone’s yard with flowers growing in it. Southerners may be tacky, but we don’t waste.

  2. Coach, if you want to see country tacky, ride by my old trailer house on Joe Gray. I’ve gotten It rented out now, but it still has the same mailbox that I put up when we lived there. The mailbox post rotted at the ground, so I mounted the box on the side tray/handle of an old barbecue pit I had, that had the bottom of it burned out. I figured it would give Kathy (Olivier) something to laugh about also.
    Thanks also for the autograph in my copy of Deep Roots. We love you too.

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