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Many of you are curious about our upcoming novel, Where We All Belong.  We are currently putting the finishing touches on this 94,000-word novel. (that translates to about 370 pages.)

We are in the most challenging phase of publishing a book: finding an editor/publishing house.

I’d appreciate your prayer that God will open doors and Where We All Belong will find the right home.

Here are the current details:

One Word: Belonging

One Sentence:  A German POW comes to Louisiana during World War II and discovers love and friendship.

Three-Paragraph Synopsis: 

Noah Becker is a member of the German Afrika Korps captured in North Africa in 1943. His arduous journey across the Atlantic and America ends in a small Louisiana POW camp. Due to the severe manpower shortage, Noah and his fellow POWs are sent to work on local farms, and it is there where Noah meets Maggie Loewer.

Maggie is an older teenager on a hard-working family rice farm in Mowata, Louisiana.  Her family is German-American, and Maggie must fight through the prejudices, challenges, and difficulties of the American homefront during World War II.

During the 1944 rice harvest, Maggie and Noah’s lives collide, and the sparks fly.


As always, your questions and ideas help me as I write.  A book is always the result of so many people working together. Your feedback is valued!


Curt Iles

Dry Creek/Alexandria, LA




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