Wed. Sept. 1 Bent Trees are still Strong

This is a poem by my dear cousin, Mary V. Iles Hudson.  She lives in Lake Charles and is full of live at 90+.

She is one of the last remaining great-grandchildren of my heroes in The Wayfaring Stranger/A Good Place,  Joe and Eliza Moore.


A seed fell on a certain spot.

Just how or when mankind knows not.

It pushed through sod to hold its head up straight.

Then quietly, trusting nature seemed to wait

For sunshine, rain, and wind.

How could it know t’would bend?

There must have come a storm so great until

It grasped that tree with hands like steel

And bent it o’er against its will.

O lovely leaning tree!

Explain your mystery, your charm,

So all may hear!

T’is though a small still voice speaks,


Mary V. Iles Hudson

Aunt Mary Vee Iles Hudson and Curt, 2008


  1. Thanks for the e-mail. I introduced my nephew to your books and now he has read them all except the one I don’t have yet. He loved them, he like me love the part about the hurricanes in the two novels. You can tell you knew what you were talking about when you described it. I’m looking forward to the next one. If you need me to read a chapter or two I would be honored.
    Your Sister in

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