3 ways we can help in Haiti

1.  Pray for Haiti.  It’s the most important thing we can do, and everyone can do it.

2.  I plan to give through Baptist Global Response.

I worked closely with them after the tsunami as well as in HIV/AIDs ministry in South Africa.  They are good stewards and carefully look for giving “hand-ups” as well as “hand-outs.”   Visit

3.  Make micro-finance loans of $25.00 through  www.kiva.org. This is an excellent program for giving small loans to entrepreneurs.  I’ve invested in both Vietnam and Africa.  There will be opportunities for Haitian investment.

Haiti is our neighbor and in need.

The strongest teachings of Jesus speak of helping a neighbor in need.  It has nothing to do with politics, judgment, prejudice, or anything.

The bottom line is this:  Poor people are hurting in Haiti and we Americans have so much.

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