The Open Door

The Door is Open

To be invited into an Honduran house is a great honor and is always a favorite part of any trip. The hospitality of folks in other countries is so wonderful.

It seems like the door is always open to visitors . The sweet lady, Reina, holding the picture told us, “Our home is humble, but Christ is here.”I’ve noticed that the less people have in material things, the more committed they are to share what they have.

I sensed the presence of Jesus in Reina’s home. I asked about the picture that hung above her open front door.It is a familiar painting of Jesus knocking at a closed door.Through our translator we discussed Jesus’ open invitation inRevelation 3:20:

Behold I stand at the door and knock.If any man opens the door, I will come in and dine with him.

The painting has a special detail that many observers miss.There is no door handle on the exterior of the door.Legend has it that the artist did this to remind viewers that the door to one’s heart can be opened only from the inside.

Jesus is a gentleman and will knock, but chooses not to kick down the door.

As we left Reina’s house, I asked how we could pray for her.Her reply was one I will always remember.

“Pray for our health.Our spirit is already rich.”

The paradox of having so little yet possessing so much.

A lesson brought home to me through the open door of a new friend named Reina.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Curt. I loved Reina’s comment, “Pray for our health. Our spirit is already rich.”


  2. Thanks Lisa

    Reina and her friends can teach us so much more than we can ever teach them.



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